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What's New?
New Sculptures!
Niels Andersen Sculptures Introduces
#148 Bikini/Figure medallion
#154 Hercules in Chains
#157 Female Double Bicep Version II
#158 Twisting Male Double Bicep Version II
#160 Bikini/Model
#161 Deadlift Male
#165 Lg Female Bikini/Model Overall
#168 Mid-Male Victory
#170 mid size side chest
#180 new mid size figure
#181 16" Bikini/Model
#182 Mid size female single bicep
#183 New Warrior
Male and Female Lat Spread Plaque
Male, Female Bodybuilding, and Figure relief

Upcoming- 2011

11" Mid Size female Atlas
Male Physique Sculpture

Proudly made in the USA!

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