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About the Artist

Niels Andersen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1958. Niels and his family immigrated to United States in 1965. It was Mrs. Woodard, his Kindergarten teacher who first noticed the extraordinary artistic talent. She encouraged his parents to nurture this talent. When Niels was a teen his father enrolled him in art instruction school, which Niels achieved a basic art certificate in illustration.

Niels had hope to someday compete in bodybuilding until he hurt his back roofing. He was fascinated by the anatomy, and thought he would try to sculpt the perfect physique. He was pleased with the results.

In 1990 Niels decided to market his sculpture to bodybuilding promoters as an award. The response was incredible. In 1993 he diversified into other sport figurines as a wholesaler to retail trophy stores.

Heisman Trophy

In December 2000, Niels was honored to be commissioned to sculpt the first ever official High School Heisman. This sculpture was depicted after Kenneth Hall who holds the record for the All Time Leading Running Back in high school history. This award was presented by Heisman winner Tony Dorset on Fox Sports Channel.

Commissioned Projects

Niels enjoys sculpting full-time. He is continuously adding to his line of products, as well as commissioned projects, like this Knight sculpture for an Academy in California.
NOTICE: Approximate shipping time is 3 weeks. Sizes listed are approximate: In production, molds wear out making replicas and over time sizes can change.
made in the usa


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