Bikini Sculptures
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$30.00 each
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Relief Item #202

Made of a durable poly-resin coated with several beautiful finish options. A metal like gallery bronze, gold, or silver finish, each hand-antiqued to highlight the details, or a classic marble finish.
$33.95 each
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Warrior Relief Item #234

Our newest addition to our Warrior Collection!
This durable poly-resin sculpture features an exquisitely detailed male and female warrior sitting beside each other. 
*This is a relief style sculpture with a concaved back.

Promoter Perk: It can be used as a universal trophy for competitors in all female and male divisions (i.e, bodybuilding, classic physique, physique, figure, wellness, and bikini.) Having a universal award is beneficial for those last-minute entries making it easy for the promoters while also awarding the competitors with a beautiful piece of art.

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NOTICE: Approximate shipping time is 3 weeks. Sizes listed are approximate: In production, molds wear out making replicas and over time sizes can change.
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