Figure Sculptures
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$306.00 each
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Figure Overall Item #136

This durable poly-resin sculpture is an impressive 2-foot tall trophy that has been used in many competitions as an award for the Overall Champion in the Figure division.

Standard base included in pricing. 
Additional bases may be installed on the sculpture for an additional fee. View other sculpture bases.
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$135.00 each
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Sheba Item #41

This durable poly-resin sculpture depicts a female warrior posing with a tiger; this piece gives an impression of boldness and heroism. 

Promoter Perk: It can be used as a universal trophy for competitors in all female divisions (i.e, bodybuilding, physique, figure, wellness, and bikini.) Having a universal award is beneficial for those last-minute entries!
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made in the usa


  • Never mind the award... the sculpture is a piece worthy of display in my home.
    Competitive Bodybuilder
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